That's my little journey, It is a journey of adventure, with some little woe, but mostly, it is a journey about all of Us.

Because, what I went out looking for is the same thing We all search for everyday in our lives; connect ourself with rest of the world in the most full and kind way.

It goes beyond travel, it goes beyond any one personal story.

Animals, places, people, encounters that have punctuated unforgettable moments of life. 

This is the sense of the journey, with an eye to the emotions lived, the history breathed to the special meetings that have characterized it.

Life is what we make it, We cannot control everything but, the thing We can control that, will ultimately define Us. 

Traveling, living, sharing and transmitting the intimate beauty captured in every place or creature of this planet is a unique way to define us and, to meet our place in this beautiful planet. 

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